The good physician cures illness, while the excellent physician prevents it, but only nature heals. Daniel J. Dunphy, PA-C, Naturopath brings almost forty years experience in both western and biologic medical traditions to his practice at The Medical Arts Building, 2000 Van Ness Ave, Suite 708, San Francisco, Calif. 94109

    Daniel has been studying and adapting multi-cultural healing arts to the unique needs of his patients since 1976. He has studied Homeopathic and herbal medicines in Europe, United States, China, Japan, South America and Africa. He holds a Physician Associate family practice degree from Touro College in New York.

    Daniel specializes in family and internal medicine including insulin metabolism,and chronic degenerative conditions. He approaches long standing conditions with a fresh reanalysis and assesses stress vectors in the body as well as pathological labels.

   While at Touro College Physician Associate program in New York City, he interned at Hospital for Joint Diseases, New York University Downstate Emergency Medical Center and ICU, Caledonian Hospital and NYU Medical center in New York.

    Daniel also interned in physical therapy at Pacific Presbyterian Hospital in San Francisco. He did special post-graduate rotations and clinical work in acupuncture detoxification with Michael Smith, MD, OMD at Lincoln Hospital in the Bronx and established an acupuncture/Herbal Detox program at the Lower Eastside Chinatown Methadone Clinic in Manhattan. He later studied special techniques in the treatment of glaucoma and macular degeneration at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital under Dr. A. Knapp, cancer metabolsm with the nonagenarian Emanuel Revici, MD and helped guide Dr. Robert Atkins Center for Alternative Therapies from its inception in 1982 until 1989.

    Daniel has worked in association with many pioneers in the nutrition including, among others, Dr. Emanuel Revici, Dr. Robert Atkins, Dr. Carleton Fredericks, Dr. Hans Nieper, Dr. Nick Gonzalez, Dr. Michael Hsu, Dr. John Shen, Dr. Leon Hammer, Dr. Gaston Naessens, Dr. Ana Aslan associates, Dr. Eric Braveman and Dr. Werner Schiedl.

   Since 1985 Daniel has practiced prolo, trigger point and neural therapies -injection therapies for joint pain and ligament injury, scar and focal disturbance release. He combines these directed therapies with internal therapies, nutrients and diet to promote healing at all levels.

Daniel is an author of numerous medical articles for professional journals. He lectures both at seminars and for public interest groups. Each person’s healing is journey. Daniel believes that an excellent physician will also be a guide on the healing journey.

Read Dan’s newly published book, Your Self Healing Body, Opening Avenues to Optimal Health, now available on Amazon books. The Holosystemic Mandala app is also available on this website. Daniel offers personal consultations and assessments using this app to show you an overview of your self healing body’s status.