Insulin/ Glucose /Cortisol Metabolism

Glycemic balance and energy metabolism have all pervasive influences on our body’s mutliple systems- hormones, including the survival hormone, cortisol, connective tissue, brain neurotransmitter biochemistry , immune function, histamine release and suppression, insulin resistance, weight gain and metabolic syndrome, memory, emotions, thyroid function and , of course our overall vitality. If I asked you what [...] Read more »

Dan with Doctor OZ


Recent articles & letters Dear L, Before entering into any type of chemo therapy it is useful to understand that the norm in treating most cancers is to assess through biopsy using microscopic, morphologic identification and staining. The treatment is then based upon statistical outcome studies of various tumor types. Chemo therapeutic and, more recently, [...] Read more »

Recent Articles and Letters


Dearest Dr. Dunphy, I thought you would like to see what A. wrote me about you.  I’m very happy that he finally listened to me – I’ve been telling him about you for a long time (right after the first visit for my sister, in March (?) 2009).  Ever since I met you I can’t [...] Read more »