DARK FIELD MICROSCOPY- The Holography of Healing [c]

The Holography of Healing [c]

Daniel J. Dunphy, ND, PA-C,

Whenever patients ask me, “Will I ever get better?”, I inevitably answer, “You don’t have a choice, you’re a self- healing organism.” Often, to achieve this healing response, one must remove obstructions or focal blockages from the body’s way. These could be anything from a rotten tooth, to a scar, to releasing old trauma, to a rotten emotional life. Removing the blockages releases the healing response. When we experience even a glimmer of positive turnaround, this experience serves as a handle we can grasp to pull ourselves out of an impasse. Even though little has changed we have the overwhelming feeling that we are going to get better. This is the therapeutic handle, the fractal which releases healing. It is flipping a downward, “down the drain” spiral into an upward, “going to get better” spiral.

Fractal geometry is the mathematical expression of this holography inherent throughout Nature. Fractals are parts of a greater reality whose form reflects and is reflected by the whole. If you were to look at a holographic plate, say a photo of your mother, and you illuminated that plate with a diffused laser light, you’d see an image like the ones on your credit card. You’d see dimensionality. You could look around your mother’s face and see the sides of her cheeks and earrings. Now , if you took that same holographic plate and you directed a narrow beam of light from a laser through just a point on the plate what would you see? A part of your mother’s face? No. You would see her entire face but with less detail, less density of photons. So photons, by their nature, collect as much information in 360 degrees as they can hold, and every photon contains the entire picture but in less detail then billions of photons flowing together and collecting information. The part contains the whole and the whole the part. So it is with healing. Holography exists in the fractal expression of cells in our body holding your particular hologram and acting together to keep you alive and healing. When my patients see their blood under a dark field microscope, I remind them that, “All those millions of individual cells you are seeing are all you. They have your imprint, they act in unison to maintain your equilibrium, your life. When they ail, you ail. When your consciousness is distressed, they become stressed, and when you act in healing ways, they heal.”

It’s true, our bodies are self healing, from the inside out and from the cellular level up to organ and structure levels and, of course, in mental, emotional and spiritual levels. There is a fractal and holographic nature to healing which underlies our own life experiences of getting better, returning to normal, getting our energy back, starting to use the right hand again, not being in pain anymore or making a change for the better. Seen from this perspective one can observe how our bodies reflect a greater cosmic reality, namely, that all of what we call time/space four dimensional phenomena come out of the holographic, fractal nature of this universe we have emerged from and into which we remerge with when our bodies are recycled by what humans call “death”.

So when someone says to me, “How can you see distressed organs and structures of the body in dark field examination of blood, I always answer the same way, -Why not, it’s part of the same Universe we all inhabit and that Universe is both fractal and holographic.”…

Elemental Healing

Often, the essence of removing blockages, deficiencies and excesses from our bodies occurs by using the elements of Nature: Air, Water, Fire, Wood or Plant Life and Minerals. These are all essential catalysts activating healing. Down through the ages oxygen rich fresh air and water, along with fire, herbs and essential minerals have been used to cleanse, purge, release toxins, replenish, revitalize and renew. They are used by themselves and in combination. So elemental healing , which comes out of our fractal Universe, reflects and manifests things which are at once part of us and yet outside of us. They are joined to us and we to them in what we call ecosystems of life. We are composting and being composted all our lives. Blood itself is, among other things, a complex system for composting what is not necessary to life. The matrix we are in is seamless. Close, quiet observation of ourselves in this matrix brings intuitive information and awareness of both the cosmic and microcosmic quantum levels between which we exist. Elemental healing emerges, therefore, not only by activities drawn from the elements of Nature, but also from accessing and merging more fully with our own fractal relationship to the natural universe around us.

Life Systems

I have chosen Life systems as a topic of focus. I want to talk about the nature of complex systems in general and about the concept of emergence in particular. Physicians, clinicians and practitioners of medical arts must incorporate disciplines from many sciences, cultures and traditions every day. In order to fully understand any complex system from a vernal pond to a governmental bureaucracy, subatomic particle physics to cosmology, sandwiches to stem cells, evolutionary diversity to the digestion of your lunch, many disciplines or ways of knowing must be used simultaneously.

Emergence is a natural consequence of a system achieving a critical mass of complexity giving rise to another level of phenomena. For example, thought itself is an emergence from the complexity of holographic neuroanatomy proceeded by a billion years of life on the planet which itself emerged from the complexity of a timeless, evolving universe. The macro cosmos not only reflects the micro cosmos but one creates or emerges from the other. The quest for the ultimate elemental particle has brought us to Strings or resonance from which emerges at least eleven dimensions of reality. Ultimately all things cosmic to microcosmic begin and end with resonance and harmonics. The mathematical expression of these phenomena of emergence in Nature is found in fractal geometry, which is the geometry of a holographic Universe. This is why, when someone says to me, “How can you see distressed organs and structures of the body in dark field examination of blood, I always answer the same way, -Why not, it’s its part of the same Universe we all inhabit and that Universe is both fractal and holographic.”

Complex Systems

Definition: Accumulated diversity interacting to create phase transition and enormous proliferation of things at that level. Think about one molecule of water verses an ocean of H2O molecules and what emerges from that complexity.


Increasing complexity creates the emergence of new properties not previously present in either a single member or the group. The emergence is a higher level of complexity created as a natural consequence of any complex system. In short, “Shit happens”. Achieving a critical mass of complexity any complex system produces unexpected phenomena. Think of a drop of water verses an ocean and then, clouds, storms, hurricanes, currents, weather patterns, fog, waves, tsunamis and wind patterns not to mention emergent life forms. There’s nothing very complicated about a single water molecule-H2O. Then place 10 to the zillion of these simple molecules together. Suddenly you’ve got a substance that shimmers and gurgles and sloshes. Those zillions of molecules have collectively acquired a property – Liquidity is emergent. Emergent properties produce emergent behaviors in much the same way. Cool liquid water molecules slow down a bit and at 32 degrees F they will suddenly quit tumbling over one another at random. Instead, they will undergo phase transition, locking them into the orderly crystalline array known as ice. Or, if you were to go in the other direction, and heat the liquid, those same tumbling water molecules will suddenly fly apart and undergo a phase transition into water vapor. Neither phase would have any meaning for a single molecule. These examples can be extended to another complex system, human blood. Red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, fibrinogen, plasma and all that is contained therein produce emergent holographic crystallizations as well as other emergent phenomena. In addition to all that is considered normal blood complexity, there are yet more complex layers of reality emerging within blood. Perceiving emergent patterns by observation over time is essential to understanding the myriad phenomena occurring in the complex system of blood. The degree of order or chaos seen over time in blood can be predictive of the overall health of the whole organism. Blood reflects inherent fractal phenomena since it is part of the fractal Universe.

Life Systems

Life Systems are emergent, the product of DNA, carbon chain molecules, protein molecules and myriad other kinds of molecules all obeying self -organizing laws of chemical biology and physics. The mind is an emergent property, the product of several billion neurons obeying the biological laws of the living organism. Other examples of emergent patterns include weather. Weather is an emergent property. Take water vapor out over the Gulf of Mexico interacting with sunlight and wind and organizing itself into an emergent structure known as a hurricane. In fact, at each level of complexity entirely new properties appear, and at each stage, entirely new laws, concepts and generalizations are necessary. It is likely that the first life forms on Earth might have arisen from simple chemical compounds through collective self- organization. Once certain molecules, substrates and catalysts occurred, the emergence of life forms became inevitable. Rather then a random, freak accident of nature, life appears as an inexorable manifestation of emergence in the cosmos when a critical degree of complexity of elements and molecules coalesce. Complexity, in other words, is a science of emergence.
Darwin didn’t realize that the forces of self -organization apply to the creation of living systems just as surely as they do to the formation of snow flakes or the convection cells in a simmering pot of soup. So the story of life is the story of accident and happenstance, but also the story of self ordering complexity, a kind of deep, inner creativity that is woven into the very fabric of nature. Great emerging areas in science are ones involving many disciplines. Darwin’s Theory of Biological Evolution is a synthesis of:

  1. Biology: different species of plants & animals are very clearly related.
  2. The emerging science of geology: Earth is incredibly ancient and the past involves immense vistas of time.
  3. Paleontology: proof that plants and animals, which have dwelled in that immense past, have been very different from those of today.

20th Century / Big Bang Theory: Details show all matter in all stars and galaxies in our temporal Universe have come into being in a vast cosmic explosion about 15 billion years ago. Back in 1932, the physicist who discovered the positron- the antimatter version of the electron- declared: “The rest is chemistry.” There has been a prevalent belief among scientists that fundamental particles are the only thing that’s worth studying and that everything else could be predicted if you only had a big enough computer. But the ability to reduce everything to simple fundamental laws does not imply the ability to start from those laws and reconstruct the universe. In fact, the more the elemental particle physicists tell us about the nature of the fundamental laws the less relevance they seem to have to the very real problems of the rest of science, much less society. The mathematical expression of a fundamentally holographic Universe is fractal geometry. Once there is an accumulated diversity, a system goes through a phase transition where there is an enormous proliferation of things at that level. Scale and complexity create what is called an Emergent Phenomenon. This is the appearance of a characteristic or a quality that emerges unexpectedly from a complex system. The proliferation of members of a complex system produce things at more complex and higher energetic levels then the individual components of the system alone could produce. For example:


Solid => phase transition => fluid=> phase transition=> gas

Life Systems

Chaos=> self-organization=> living systems=> stasis => death


Vitality (combination of symmetry and chaotic or random occurrences =>

Inflammation or infection=> -chaotic breakdown of organized blood elements =>

Stasis (degenerative lose of vitality and diminished energy)=>

Dried sample (death)

Future Vertebrate Biology:

Current division of Phyla:

Chlorophyll based plant biology.

Invertebrate & Vertebrate cellular metabolism.

Emergent Invertebrate and Vertebrate hybrid- chlorophyll containing hemoglobin metabolism.

So the story of life is, indeed, the story of accident and happenstance, but also the story of order, a kind of deep, inner creativity that is woven into the very fabric of nature.

The Game of Life

The Game of Life was a computer game invented in 1970. The goal was to create a self-reinventing complex screen saver of ever morphing geometric shapes on a computer screen. The game is an algorithm that can be executed during the production of offspring or new, emerging patterns. On the other hand, the program also serves as a passive data library, a description that can be duplicated and given to offspring.

DNA, elucidated in 1953, is a genetic program which encodes instructions for making all enzymes, and structural proteins that the cells need to function. DNA also acts as a repository of genetic data and copies itself via a double helix, which unwinds and copies itself. Non-linear dynamical systems tend to be self-organizational.

Formula for the Game of Life

Lambda = the probability that any given cell will be alive in the next generation.

Value of 0 = 0.0, nothing remains alive after the first generation. Class I rules, stasis.

Value of 0.50 = the grid will be boiling with activity; half the cells will be alive and half dead. Class III, chaos. As values increase from 0 periodic Class II rules emerge. In this phase, islands of activity occur in a large field of stasis. Only several generations will emerge before complete stasis occurs. The Game of Life is among them. These occur between Class II and III rules. Think of lambda as being like temperature. Class I, II would be solid ice. Class III corresponds to liquid & steam, a total chaos of molecules. Class IV would correspond to liquids in phase transition. The Game of life occurs in a glass of water at the molecular level. Phase transition is literally the edge of chaos where life exists. This is a vision of life eternally trying to keep its balance, to stay on the edge. The Game of Life rules are the only rules that provide enough stability to store information and enough fluidity to send signals over arbitrary distances. These rules sit right in phase transition at the edge of chaos. They not only live on the edge of chaos, but they are always in danger of falling off into too much order on one side and too much chaos on the other. Evolution is a process of life learning to how to seize control of more & more of its own perimeters so that it has a better chance of survival. These rules apply to phase transitions but hold true on our level of reality as well in everything from social systems to economies to living cells. Life depends to a great degree on its ability to process information. Cells do not just respond like a rock to forces applied to them, but like a bird in flight, there to being thrown into the air is complex. This is true at the cellular level as well. Longevity of a blood sample reflects the ability of cells to maintain class four dynamics. Inflammation and the rapid disintegration of cells reflect a movement toward chaotic class III conditions. Free radicals and oxidized, low energy or acidic states lead to class III conditions, and ultimately, back to Class I – death and stasis. The mysterious something that makes life and mind possible is a certain kind of balance between the forces of order and of disorder, more precisely, look at systems in terms of how they behave as well as how they’re made. When you do you find they’re made of two extremes- order and chaos. Phase transition and life lie right between the two extremes- order and chaos, a class of behaviors in which components of the system never quite lock into place, yet never quite dissolve into turbulence either.

These systems are stable enough to store information yet evanescent enough to transmit it. These systems can be organized to perform complex computations, react to the world be spontaneous, adaptive, and alive. Evolution thrives in systems with a bottom up organization, which gives rise to flexibility, but at the same time evolution has to channel the bottom up approach in a way that doesn’t destroy the organization. There has to be a hierarchy of control with information flowing from the bottom up as well as from the top down. This is a holographic system and holographic phenomena only occur in Class IV, phase transition systems. This reality of organization in the Cosmos represents, in essence, an alteration of the second Law of Thermodynamics- not only is entropy inexorable, so is self organization in this Universe. Gaia- an emergent consciousness of self- organizing organisms and ecosystems. Fractal patterns appear ubiquitously in nature. They occur on the level of the distribution of galaxies throughout the Cosmos, geometric shapes mirrored macro and microscopically, the shape of coastlines or the edge of a blood slide, clouds, waves and all patterns in nature. A fractal is a geometric shape that can be separated into parts, each of which is a reduced scale version of the whole, i.e. a hologram. String harmonics, subatomic particles, atoms, molecules, living cells, multi-cellular organisms, cultures, ecosystems, planets, solar systems, galaxies, galactic clusters, and universes. One form emerging from another, living cells, organisms, cultures, planets, solar systems. Ultimately, all returns to harmonics and each new emerging level of organization is alive in the same sense as its components by virtue of being on or near the edge of chaos.

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