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Dearest Dr. Dunphy,

I thought you would like to see what A. wrote me about you.  I’m very happy that he finally listened to me – I’ve been telling him about you for a long time (right after the first visit for my sister, in March (?) 2009).  Ever since I met you I can’t stop talking and telling people that if they are serious about their health, and ultimately, their lives, they should do everything in their power to go to you.

Today I know that if I had met you before my beloved brother, J.,  innocent, kind, super simple, humble, young man (much younger than me), died in 2008, HE WOULD BE ALIVE TODAY.  I tried so hard to find the “RIGHT” professional to take him to.  I asked dozens of times, dozens of people, at the R. store.  I spent hours there every Saturday hoping to get a name, a lead, to that man.  I begged.  I pleaded.  I got other names; we took him, we spent all the $ we had (that’s is one of the reasons we are totally broken this time), only to find out that those people, so called MDs, etc.. were nothing but disguised crooks.

The irony is that when my sister got sick on December 20, 2008 we were lost, full of disbelieve, afraid, and suspicious.  We got new names, and went to new “crooks”.  Because of our recent experience we knew we were on the wrong road.  Until that blessed day at the R. store when one of the workers told me about A. and how much she respected, trusted and adored you.  I got her phone and called her for a whole week till one day she answered.  She told me that you were not the MD but the physician associate. “I don’t care what he is, all I want is a human being knowledgeable, honest and passionate about what he does, specially if that has to do with some ones’s life.”

The rest is history.  I asked for a sandwich and, God in His wisdom and kindness, gave us a banquet.  How lucky can one be?  I’ll never stop telling people about you, and I’ll never stop coming to you.  THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Because of what we had to go though to find you, I’m always so anxious to talk about you and to tell people to go to you.  I go out of my way to reach people, to let them know what you can do for them, etc.. because I know how frustrating it is “finding” THE “solid guy”,  like A. calls you.  Sometimes I get mad – they get the information for free, and don’t appreciate it.

Probably A. told you about his friend S. – he is very, very ill.  I insisted for him to go to you over 2 months ago.  He got worse, and worse, and now, A. tells me that he has an appointment for next week.  I wish him the best.  May God look upon him and you to guide him the right way, if this is not yet his time “to go”,

I love you.  Sorry for taking so much of your time with all my stories.

Take care.  Regards for the family.

Your faithful client,
Dear M,
Thank you for your elegantly written letter. I so much appreciate what you have written, it makes long hours of effort all worth while. My patients are my best teachers always. When we listen and observe intently , what is before us becomes deeper then what is apparent. The soul of the person emerges from behind all the appearances. Knowing and appreciating that depth allows one to see “the therapeutic handle” to hold and turn so that the person gains confidence in their own body’s ability to heal. There is often much more work to be done after this healing moment but one proceeds in confidence, hope and inner calm, floating atop rather then drowned by adversity. My favorite Chinese aphorism remains, “Flowers bloom in the midst of adversity.” It’s true.
Thank you with Warm Regards to you and your family too,
PS Thanks for your kind referral. I really enjoyed meeting A.

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