Daniel J. Dunphy, PA-C

BioMedArts Research, Inc.

Biological medical research, stem cell research, homeopathy, homotoxicology, constitutional analysis, individualized strategies, education and support during treatment of various cancers, chronic Lyme disease stages, metabolic imbalances and deficiencies, diabetes prevention, chronic fatigue, heavy metal detoxification, leaky small bowel and associated auto immune manifestations, allergies and SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), nutritional analysis and assessment.

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Research Facility:
Villa Nierica, P.O Box 275
Mendocino County,
California, 95494
-Oliveto organic olives, fruits and herbs, botanical research

Daniel J. Dunphy, PA
2000 Van Ness Ave, Suite 708
San Francisco, California 94109


1989 -ND- American Association of Naturopathic Physicians

1980 -Bachelor of Science- Touro College Physician Associate
Program, New York City

Clinical Rotations :
-Hospital for Joint Diseases, NYC- radiology, pediatrics,
family medicine, rheumatology, surgery, orthopedics,
internal medicine, cardiology, rheumatology, surgery,
orthopedics, internal medicine, emergency medicine,
critical care

– O’Connor Hospital, NYC, internal medicine

– Caledonian Hospital, Brooklyn, NY- ob/gyn

– Down State Hospital, Brooklyn, NY, emergency medicine,
pulmonary medicine

-Lincoln Hospital, Bronx, NY, acupuncture drug
detoxification program under Dr. Michael Smith, MD

-California Pacific Hospital, San Francisco, Calif.,
orthopedics, physical therapy

1978 -Masters Degree- San Francisco State University,
creative writing

1970 – Bachelor of Arts, Social Sciences Santa Clara University

Post Graduate Education:

1987-88 -Extension courses – nutrition, medical anthropology-
Harvard University

1983 -Graduate- North American College of Oriental Medicine

1982 – Advanced studies- Shanghai College of Traditional
Chinese Medicine, Shanghai, China

1976-78-Pre med courses, San Francisco City College,

1974 – Graduate courses -Special Education ,
University of California, Berkeley

Professional Experience:

2012-Present- Lopez,MD/ Dunphy,PA -Nutritional family
practice. 2000 Van Ness Ave, Suite 708,San Francisco,
California 94109, Dr. Joel F. Lopez, MD, director

2008-2010- research study with Prof. Dr. Shimon Slavin, MD,
Director of Immunology at Haddasah University,
Jerusalem, Israel

2006-8- La Ronc Klinik- Castenada, Switzerland- Visiting
consultant/researcher in assessment, treatment
and prevention of chronic degenerative diseases

2005-6 -Leonardis Klinik, Bad Heilbrun, Germany- Visiting
researcher at an international clinic/ hospital for the
treatment of chronic illness. Integration of nutrition and
diet with medical oncological services.

2005-7 -Collaboration in research with Prof. Dr. Michael
Giesing, MD, PhD, Chair of molecular medicine,
University of Heidelberg, Germany. Research in
circulating tumor cells/ cancer stem cell testing
technologies and science.

2003- 05- Clear Center for Health, Mill Valley, California,

1997-98- Longevity Center, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico. Planning
and budgeting for a multi- disciplined medical
facility and clinical rotation center for the University
of Guadalajara,department of complementary
medicine-Clinics, emergency room, surgical and
dental facilities, Dr. Lee Cowden, MD, medical

1994- Developed budget and operating plans for the Atkins’
Center for Complementary Medicine, Grand Bahamas

1989-2012 -SFPMG- Clinician, nutritionally oriented family
medical practice, San Francisco, California, Dr. Paul
Lynn, MD

1986-87- Harvard Medical College, Cambridge, MA– guest
lecture/participant on integrating Western and
traditional Oriental and Holistic medical concepts and

1982-89- Dr. Robert C. Atkins, MD, New York City, clinician
multi-discipline nutritional medical practice.

1982-95- Herbal Apothecary, Ninety herbal formula
tinctures, both Oriental and Western. Business founded
with brother Dr. Thomas Dunphy, Pharm D, UCSF
School of Medicine, Hospital Pharmacy

1980-82- NY Center for Holistic Health- East 68th St., NYC,
Co-founder, clinician of private, multi-disciplined,
nutritionally oriented medical practice.

1980-Lower East side Service Center, NYC,
Physician assistant/ acupuncturist at Lower Eastside
Service Center, Manhatten , NY. Co-founded, designed,
and implemented an acupuncture detox program in a
methadone facility with Dr. Michael Smith, MD.

Honors, Memberships, Licenses

1987-American Association of Naturopaths, professional
member, ND, since.

1987- NACA-National Diplomat in acupuncture.

1986 -National Acupuncture Detox Association. Charter

1982- California State physician assistant license.

1982-Occidental Medicine Research Institute,
professional member.

1980- New York State physician associate license.

1980-Most Outstanding General Achievement Award,
Touro College, Physician Associate Program.


2018-Holosystemic Mandala app- A systems analysis
graphic tool and EMR (electronic medical record)

2018- Your Self Healing Body, Opening Avenues to
Optimum Health

2010- The Holography of Healing- Microphotography of
human blood, unpublished cellular anatomy
research, photographic journal.

2005-06- Contributor, consultant to video documentary,
“Conquering Cancer”
-Interviews with leading international
oncologists, molecular biologists, cancer
research biologists, geneticists and patients.
Exploring the most recent scientific
the most recent scientific discoveries
in the latest and future immunotherapies.

2004- “Metabolic Syndrome- The relationship between
abdominal fat, insulin, sugar and chronic
disease”. Alternative Medicine Magazine”,
November 2004

1999- “Diabetes and Hypoglycemia- A
Comprehensive Guide to Alternatiev
Treatments”, Future Medicine Publishers.

1992- “Multiple Sclerosis, a different understanding
and approach”, International Journal of
Clinical Nutrition.

1990- “Confirmations and organ deficiencies of
intestinal dysbiosis”, International Journal
of Clinical Nutrition.

1988- Dr. Robert C. Atkins’ Guide to Alternative
Therapies, NY, NY, Doubleday Press.
Co-author, collaboration with Dr. Atkins and
Carleton Fredericks, PhD in developing
nutritional protocols for the treatment of
chronic illnesses.

1987- “The use of Lotus Polyporus and Lotus
Seed Formulas in the treatment of renal
lithiasis ” Journal of
Acupuncture, March, 1987.

1986- Tongue Diagnosis in Oriental Medicine,
Umlaut Press, NY, NY.

1986- One Hundred Chinese Herbal Formulas
with Clinical Applications, Umlaut Press,

1984-One Hundred Chinese Herbal Formulas,
Umlaut, Press, NYC, NY