Soon to follow… Poetry Dogs on Mars Dreamstix 9/18/10 Ruthless It hasn’t been long since you were here leaning over to me with those rolling eyes and your smirk turned smile, wryly pointing out to me how much I must be enjoying my meal to have my wrist wrapped into the food on my plate, […] Read more »

The Holography of Histamine

Brain physiology Histamine release is enhanced under extreme conditions such as dehydration or Hypoglycemia or by a variety of stress vectors. Mast cells release histamine, C5H9N3 Molecular mass 111.15 g /m Histamine releasing neurons are located exclusively in the TM of the hypothalamus, from where reactions stem. Neuromodulator- something ( such as a polypeptide or […] Read more »

Personalized Cancer Therapy

Daniel J. Dunphy, PA-C– 06.30.2009 The long-awaited era of personalized genetic medicine is finally dawning for people with cancer. A little-known reality of current “standard of care” in oncology is that genetic analysis of a person’s individual cancer is an effective, but unusual, method of cancer treatment. Having researched cancer testing for the last five […] Read more »

Micrometastatic, circulating tumor cells

I would like to share with you information from Prof. Dr. Michael Giesing, MD, PhD, the molecular geneticist, physician who, in the late 1970′s, and 80′s put together a test which isolated circulating tumor cells from the blood of cancer patients, identified the cancer genetics of these cells then tested them pharmaco-genetically to determine which […] Read more »